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The children’s choreographic ensembles of Russia: children’s dance ensemble “Ulybka”

The dance ensemble “Ulybka” was created many years ago in Volgograd – in 1986. After 26 years it was already a big collective with more than 500 members. During this time a remarkable school of choreography appeared and developed on basis of our ensemble.
There are 100 dance routines and musical and choreographic performances in the repertoire of the ensemble.

For 26 years the dance ensemble “Ulybka” has become a home away from home for many children who have been learning the art of dance, the skills of cooperation, friendship, team spirit and kindness from early age from their earliest years.
An outstanding collective of the cultural and choreographic life of Russia, the leader in the art of dancing of the Volgograd region, Volgograd’s pride and the pride of the Volgo-Donskoj Krai – these are the nominations of the “Ulybka” given by numerous spectators and engaged journalists.

The ensemble “Ulybka” more than once took part in competitions all around Russia and abroad and became a prize winner. The ensemble is a gold medal winner of the International and All-Russian Delphic Games.

The promotion of culture of different peoples of Russia abroad is an obvious advantage of the ensemble “Ulybka”. The guest performances of children’s collective fascinated Europe: Spain, Bulgaria, Finland, Italy, Germany, Slovenia, Hungary, The republic of Czech as well as the United States of America and Korea.
Surely, every year the ensemble “Ulybka” brings joy to the Russian spectators, giving guest performances in different cities and towns of Russia: Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Sochi, Tuapse, Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Vladimir and others.

From the age of 5 children in the ensemble “Ulybka” are taught all the nuances of the art of choreography. Nowadays the children’s choreographic ensembles are becoming more popular. The collective “Ulybka” has its own regular spectators. There’s a heavy demand for the performances of the ensemble: the collective gives more than 200 concerts per year.
Many of the collective’s graduates dance both in the ensembles of our country and abroad, and some of them are leading singers of these ensembles. We are proud of this fact because all these young artists were taught in “Ulybka”.

The dancers of our collective differ in the most complicated technique of performing both Russian dances and dances of peoples of the world. The collective of the ensemble follows the trends of modern choreography – break dance, jazz, modern, rap. Wherever the collective gives a performance the engaged audience gathers and by popular demand the teachers of the “Ulybka” often give master-classes demonstrating their skills.
The “Regional philharmonic society for children” that was established on basis of the collective “Ulybka” in 1989 includes several collectives: the children’s choreographic ensembles “Ulybka” and the professional dance ensemble “The South of Russia”, the ensemble of folk instrument and the puppet-theatre “Kolobok”.


The ensemble “Ulybka” is very popular and famous. Old and young in Volgograd, all around Russia and abroad love it. As for the collective of “Ulybka”, they also love their spectators and are always looking forward to meeting them!