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The dance ensembles of Mironova Tatyana Petrovna – an Art Director of the Federal State Budget Cultural Establishment “Children’s philharmonic society in Volgograd”

Mironova Tatyana Petrovna is an Art Director of the Federal State Budget Cultural Establishment “Children’s philharmonic society in Volgograd”, as well as a tutor of the dance ensemble for children and youth “Ulybka”, and the state dance ensemble “The South of Russia”.

Tatyana Petrovna is a virtuoso and a very creative woman. In her work she tries to show the beauty of dance, to teach both young artists and grateful spectators how to love our national traditions. In order to fully use folk culture and traditions to prepare for choreographic performances Tatyana Petrovnaexamines and makes records of Cossack musical, dance and song folklore during her expeditions to the districts of the region. Later there appear such striking choreographic shows on the basis of this folklore. Tatyana Petrovna pays much attention to the heroic and patriotic theme.

In the repertoire of the dance ensemble “Ulybka” TatynaPetrovna includes also modern dances that don’t leave spectators indifferent.
The whole programme of the ensemble “Ulybka” is about the friendship between nations and the international cooperation. Through Tatyana Petrovna’s creative work the dancers and spectators get acquainted with choreographic and cultural traditions of peoples of foreign countries: Bulgaria, Hungary, Brazil, Ireland, Germany, Mexico, Ukraine, Moldova, Spain, Rumania, USA, the northern countries and the Roma people – this is not the full list of the dances directed by Tatyana Petrovna on the basis of cultures of foreign countries.

Tatyana Petrovna’s dance ensembles follow modern trends. Over the last years her programmes included dances belonging to popular modern movements in choreography (rap, hip-hop, modern, and also jazz dances). Choreographic performances always differ in appropriately chosen supporting music, wonderful costumes and unusual stage scenery. Tatyana Petrovna often makes up the design of the stage scenery herself.

The success of Tatyana Petrovna’s choreographic performances is due to good techniques and acting skills of her students.
Apart from her talent in choreography Tatyana Petrovna is a good and a very skillful leader which helps the collective that she directs to perform with success at any time.  Every year Tatyana Petrovna organizes the meetings of choreographic collectives from both the cities of our country and abroad to share their creativity.
Thanks to their technique and repertoire the senior group of the ensemble changed into the professional choreographic ensemble for youth long time ago. Now it has its own programme which is very popular among spectators.

In 1990 Tatyana Petrovna is awarded a gold medal “The veteran of work”.
In 1993 she was nominated as «Honoured Cultural Worker of the Russian Federation”.
At the end of 1999 Tatyana Petrovna got an honorary title of “Man of the year” for her outstanding achievements in the field of culture according to the results of the competition “A country Muse – 99” that took place in Volgograd.
In 2000 Tatyana Petrovna was awarded a theatrics prize of the newspaper “Inter” in the season of 1999-2000 years.
In June 2000 the ensemble “Ulybka” took part in the International festival “Childhood without borders” that took place in Moscow.
In 2003 the collective directed by T.P. Mironova won a Golden Medal in the nomination of “A folk dance” at the International Delphic Games III.
In 2004 Tatyana Petrovna becomes a laureate of the National State Prize “The Soul of Russia”. The same year the ensemble “Ulybka” won a Golden Medal at the International Delphic Games of the CIS countries. The collective of the “Children’s philharmonic society” got a Diploma of the winners during the festival “Salut, Victory!” in Novorossiysk. 
In 2005 she was awarded the title “The Honoured Art Worker of the Russian Federation”. The same year she was rewarded with the Diploma in the nomination “Cultural Worker and Art Worker” of the public Reader’s Award “Publicity” (“Izvestnost’).
In 2007 Mironova was awarded the 2 badges of honour of the Government of the Volgograd Region: “The keeper of traditions” and the badge of honour “Caring for childhood”.
In 2009 she was awarded the Diploma of the laureate of the All-Russian festival of folk art “Salut, Victory!” that took place in the city of Rostov-on-Don. The same year Tatyana Petrovna becomes a laureate of the State Prize of the Volgograd Region.
In 2011 she became a winner of the Volgograd Region competition “The best manager of the year 2011”. Tatyana Petrovna is always searching for new creative approaches in her work. She is looking for new forms of performances for her dance collectives,she is also working on new choreographic dances and spectacles.

Mironova Tatyana Petrovna does a lot for the development of the choreographic art in Russia, for the modern interpretation of folklore heritage of the peoples of our country, the creative development of dancing traditions of different peoples all around the world. Mironova T.P. does a lot to make the youth from Volgograd and the Volgograd districts be involved in the cultural activities, to awake the youth’s and the spectators’ interest in national traditions and the world culture.

Tatyana Petrovna differs in the following soft skills: she’s sociable, demanding to herself and to others, devoted to her work, self-motivated, she is able to see the perspectives of the progress, she has a sense of humor,  she can convince sb of smth, she always keeps her words, she’s very responsible, she tries to follow modern trends, she’s very attentive to people – she empathizes them and helps to deal with problems, she’s always sincere, she does everything to achieve her goals, she appreciates her time and the time of others, she expresses her opinion with respect to others, she’s a hard-worker, she’s very vigorous, her attitude to work is a good example for the youth.

Tatyana Petrovna played a role of the principle choreographer at the following important events as The third All-Russian festival of folk art “Salut, Victory!” dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War, the All-Russian festival of folk art “Salut, Victory!” dedicated to the 65th anniversary of the Victory in battle of Stalingrad.
Mironova T.P. is a professor of the department of choreography in the Volgograd State Institute of Culture and Arts and she has been the head of this department since 1993. She has more than 70 students who are the laureates of the international contests.