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Happiness is like a butterfly, the more you wish to catch it, the more it slips away. But if you start to pay attention to other things, it will come to you and sit quietly on your shoulder.

V. Franki


The ensemble “Ulybka” has had a lot of difficult moments from the very beginning when 100 children 26 years ago came to the Volgograd State Philharmonic Society on the NaberezhnayaStreet, building №1 and stood in line at the first admission to the present days.

Today the choreographic ensemble “Ulybka” prepared more than one generation of students who are our pride. They are not just talented dancers and real professionals at what they do but also very strong in a spiritual sense, they have developed their personality and character and now are able to fulfill themselves in any field. Thanks to our “Ulybka” our young dancers show better results every year. The children’s dance ensemble “Ulybka” gets Grand Prixand Diplomas of winners every time it takes part in competitions. “Ulybka” is a four-time gold and silver medalist of the All-Russian and International Delphic Games.

We don’t want to demonstrate fame, wealth, success by such means. A natural law puts everything into its place. “Ulybka” is ready to share its experience with other collectives. We are open to everybody. The more you give, the more you get. Our children are very lucky to have such teachers. A friendly team of youth was built in the process of cultural life. These arethe people who are devoted to their work and, above all, the graduates of “Ulybka”.

The first time man is born physically, the second time – spiritually. The classes in “Ulybka” correspond to the second birth of young dancers. Long hours of rehearsal strengthen character, will-power, prepare for victory, teach to help each other, those who are younger and love each other.
At concerts “Ulybka” is often called a visiting card of Volgograd. We are very proud of this and are happy to keep this title