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The folk Russian dance ensemble “Yug Rossii”

The State dance ensemble "Yug Rossii" was created on the basis of creative and performing potential of the choreographic ensemble "Ulybka" of the State budget cultural institution "Volgograd regional children philharmonic" which is one of the most successful and well-known collectives for children and youngsters in our country.

The folk ensemble "Yug Rossii" has an incomparable creative potential, strong will and lots of creative abilities. Realizing these abilities the dancers can express themselves in different styles of choreography. Any performance of this young ensemble is a colourful dramatized show which demonstrates impressive and unique local colour of the citizens of the South of Russia: from the banks of the Don River to the Caucasus Mountains. The currentwide-ranging repertoire of the ensemble includes both ensemble's dance directions and the elements of the famous Russian and foreign choreographs' programms.

This popular Russian ensemble is composed of the young artists of the age of 25 on average. In spite of this fact every dancer is notable for his or her charismaand particularity which are shown both in their acting skills and in their technical skills. The life of the ensemble from the very beginning was full of numerous guest performances.

Every year the spectators all around the world could deservedly evaluate the ensemble's talent. Almost the whole Europe and Asiaapplauded the dancers of "Yug Rossii". France, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Spain, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, China and many others are among the countries which host the ensemble.

Mironova Tatyana Petrovna ,a choreographer, a teacher and a mentor, is a creator and an art director of the ensemble "Yug Rossii". Tatyana Petrovna graduated from Saint-Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts (former Leningrad State Academy of Culture and Arts) and she is an Honoured Art Worker of Russia. She continues to share her gift with young artists.


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