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The Puppet Theatre “Kolobok”

The puppet theatre “Kolobok” was created on 13 November 1999 but its establishing had started long before.
In 1995 the Volgograd’s branch of the Samara State Academy of Culture and Arts  started an admission in the line of “an actor of the puppet theatre”.
Already in 1997 the actors put on a performance “Kolobok” by the play of the play writer S. Kholodnij (Volgograd). In spring 1997 the spectacle “Kolobok” took part in the festival for the youth that took place in the city of Voronezh and got a lot of quite flattering comments from critics.
In 1998 the artists with the same direction and the concert called “It’s all about hat” (“Vsedelo v shlyape”) took part in the conference of puppet masters on the basis of the theatrical institute.

In 1999 there was a first night of the spectacle “All mice love cheese” by the play of D. Urban. In spring 1999 the artists once again visited the city of Voronezh with a new direction.
The same year they put on a performance “The golden pot” (by E.T.A. Gofman). By the New Year at the end of 1999 there had been the first nights of “The tales of Andersen” and“The country of New Year's trees”.

In 2000 the puppet theatre was awarded by the newspaper “Inter” in the nomination of “Creative opening of the season”. At the same time they performed the spectacles “Kolobok” and “The golden pot”. Thanks to the spectacle “All mice love cheese” the theatre became a laureate of the festival of the puppet theatre in the Volgograd region. At the end of 2000 there was a first night of the spectacle “The New Year’s star”.

In May 2001 they put on a spectacle “The circus of Picasso”. The autumn 2001 “Kolobok” took part in the VIII International festival of theatres for children in Yugoslavia in the city of Subbotitsa with the spectacle “Kolobok” and won a special prize of the jury. N.I. Golubeva got a prize for the success in acting technique.
The year of 2002 was very productive for the theatre. In March the artists of the theatre took part in the festival “The kaleidoscope of first nights” as well as in the III Regional Festival with the spectacle “The circus of Picasso”. In April there was a first night of the spectacle “There was a business” (“Bylodelo”) by the play of S. Kholodnij. In September in the city of Voronezh the theatre participated in the festival of puppets “Get-together” (“Posidelki”) where they performed the spectacles “The circus of Picasso” and “The golden pot”.

At the beginning of 2003 thanks to participation in the festival “Christmas holidays”the collective of the theatre was awarded the prizes for universality, for Best Actor (G. Makhmudov) and for Best Actress (O. Nikitina), for set design. In March the same year they put on a spectacle “The underground little man” by A. Laktukhova.
The year of 2004 was also very productive. In May the theatre took part in the I International Festival of theatres for children and youth “Keeda” (Kalmykia, the city of Elista). In September the same year the theatre got a prize “For design of theatrical costume” thanks to the spectacle “Kolobok” (Ukraine, the city of Uzhgorod). In November there was a performance of the puppet theater in the Centre of art workers.

In 2005 and 2006 the theatre took part in the following International festivals: The Festival of children’s theatres “Subbotnitsa” in Yugoslavia (May, 2005), The Festival of the puppet theatres “KUKART – VII” in Saint-Petersburg (June, 2005), The Festival «Smotriny of Ryazan’» in Ryazan’ (September, 2005), The Festival “The theatrical marry-go-round” in the city of Lobnya (April, 2006).

In 2007-2011 the theatre took part in the following festivals: “After the blue bird!” (Nizhny Novgorod), «The silver Osetr» (Volgograd), The International festival of puppet and shadow theatres (the city of Çanakkale, Turkey), «Kolobok gathers his friends» (Volgograd), “The Silver Osetr”.
In December 2011 the puppet theatre took part in the festival “Your plans for Christmas”.

Up to now the theatre has been leading an acting life. In April 2012 the theatre took part in the festival-holiday “СвятаБеларускагатэатра «Лялька»”, in September the theatre participated in the festival “The silver Osetr” (presenting the spectacle “Martynko”).

From the first days of its establishment up to now the theatre has been participating actively in the city’s cultural life, has been performing spectacles and has been giving guest performances in the cities of Russia: Kamyshin, Kotovo, Mikhaylovka, Frolovo, SvetlyyYar, Kalach-na-Donu, Gorodishche of the Volgograd Region, Balakovo of the Saratov Region, Znamensk and Akhtubinsk of the Astrakhan' Region.

As time goes on, these spectacles occupied a worthy place in a repertoire of the theatre “Kolobok”. In September 2011 the theatre joined The State Budget Establishment of Culture “Children’s philharmonic society of Volgograd Region”.